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Choose an ag lender who supports your dreams. Dakota MAC was developed in 1993 by First Dakota National Bank to provide long-term ag real estate loans at competitive interest rates and terms. Our lending options are focused directly on you and your operation’s needs. We knew then, and still know now, how difficult it is to operate in 3- and 5-year short-term notes.

What is Dakota MAC?

Your dreams for your family farm or ag operation need flexibility—and you deserve a lending partner who’ll be there through both the lean and profitable years. We’re proud to support the lifeblood of the Midwest by providing ag loans with competitive rates and terms from the secondary market. We’re proud to be one of top 10 Ag Banks in the nation, based on loans originated in agri-business.

Dakota MAC is named after Farmer MAC, a 1988 Congress-created company option for community banks to offer long-term fixed rate loans. MAC stands for Mortgage Agricultural Company. Since 1993, Dakota MAC has built a portfolio of over $800 million in secondary market loans.

We offer ag lending options to community bankers, real estate professionals, and directly to you, the proud farmers of the Midwest.

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